The Archaeological Park of Rincon de la Victoria will host a series of astronomical observation days in August

The activities are free with prior registration and will be held on the13rd and 27th of August. The public will be able to get to know the night sky, coinciding with the Perseid shower, with the Agrupacion Astronomica de Málaga SIRIO. Attendees will be able to take a tour of the night sky and constellations by means of visual content projections and observations.

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The Rincon de la Victoria Town Hall, through La Cueva del Tesoro de Rincon de la Victoria, has organized several astronomical observation days to be held in the Mediterranean Archaeological Park.

The activities will be held on the 13th and 27th of August and thus give continuity to the initiative that last year was developed in the same environment with a great public acceptance. On this occasion the day will be led by the Malaga SIRIO Astronomical Association, which will provide telescopes, a projector and qualified monitors. Participants will be divided into small groups of 15 people. A total of 60 places per day.

An activity aimed at a family audience that contributes to boosting and promoting the natural heritage of the Mediterranean Archaeological Park as an enclave to enjoy the outdoors, a great setting to host this activity as it is an area away from light pollution, the best place for a better observation of the sky that also coincides with the Perseids, the most awaited astronomical phenomenon of the summer and known as the tears of San Lorenzo.

The day includes a projection of audiovisual content, a workshop and explanation of constellations with stellar laser pointers, observation with telescopes of planets, double stars, clusters and deep sky, as well as lunar observation with real-time projection.

The use of a face mask will be compulsory to ensure health and safety measures. It is also recommended to wear comfortable clothes, and to bring water, a mat or a chair for maximum enjoyment.

The registration period for the astronomy day on the 13th begins on Monday the 9th August, and on 23rd August the registration period for the astronomy day on the 27th begins again. Reservations can be made by e-mail: A maximum of four people will be authorised by e-mail.

The activity will start at 21:30.

The Mediterranean Archaeological Park, located in Avenida de Picasso s/n, is a unique enclosure on the Mediterranean coast with a surface area of 90,000 square metres.

Agrupacion Astronómica de Malaga SIRIO is a non-profit association, the proceeds of which go entirely to the improvement and development of activities for the promotion and diffusion of astronomy.

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