The good connection with other nearby towns (such as Málaga, Vélez-Málaga, Nerja…) makes Rincón de la Victoria an ideal place for those cyclists who want to ride on flat ground. But, nowadays, mountain routes are the most demanded. Whether by any of the streams or by different mountain roads, you can choose different challenging routes. Some recommendations:

  1. Granadillas route. 31 km. Intermediate. More info.
  2. Rincón-Benagalbón-Totalán-Rincón route. 37 km. Intermediate. More info.
  3. Arroyo Granadillas-La Capitana: SL-A 082. Easy. 8 km (one-way). Circular route. More info.
  4. Arroyo Granadillas-Cerro Tío Cañas: SL- A 083. 7 km (one-way). Easy. Circular route. More info.
  5. Cerro Tío Cañas-Cerro Benagalbón: SL- A 084. Easy. 9 km. More info.