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The Environment Department together with the APAL Sports Department of Rincon de la Victoria Town Council have developed an environmental awareness campaign to prevent citizens from littering in nature.
The campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of keeping the natural environment clean under the slogan Naturaleza sin Residuos. (Nature Without Waste). The pandemic and the need to avoid crowds has increased the number of residents who choose to invest part of their free time in climbing our mountains and walking along our rivers, thus increasing the amount of solid waste in nature.
The idea is to raise awareness and educate citizens on not littering. Sport and a healthy outdoor life are compatible with the respect for the environment.
The campaign, which will be launched on the various municipal social networks, features a video with images of nature in the municipality: mountains, rivers, sea. The video features sportsmen and women, clubs and residents who send out messages such as “Don’t leave your rubbish. Not on the beach, in our rivers or in the mountains”, etc. Citizens are also invited to upload their own videos with the hashtag: #Naturaleza sin Residuos
You can see the piece in this link: Promotional Video

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