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On regards of the World Book Day that is celebrated on April 23th, the ‘Antonio de Hilaria’ city library of Rincón de la Victoria has opened an exhibition of XVIII-XX century books from its bibliographic collection. This special exposition can be seen over its regular opening hours until next June 22nd.

Book lovers and all those who are curious to see the exhibition could see old books dated between 1787 and 1958. It is a selection of the oldest library’s bibliographic collection with more than 600 examples, most of them coming from private donations. The oldest example is Ejercicios de devoción a San Luis de Gonzaga, printed in 1787.

This catalogued collection will become a huge part of the Catálogo Colectivo del Patrimonio Bibliográfico Español (Collective Catalogue of Spanish Bibliographic Heritage). That way, it will be available to researchers, investigators and private users, by request, at the library’s premises.

This antique collection is located at the library’s storage in compacted furniture, and currently consists of 623 volumes. Plus, it is totally protected against environmental agents.

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