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With the support of the center of tourism innovation Andalucía Lab, brach of the Regional Tourism Ministry of the Junta de Andalucía, the Department of Tourism  is working on a new planning in view of the new scenario after the state of alarm. A study will be carried out with the aim of obtaining digital competencies and achieving tourism planning in the face of the new scenario that is presented once the state of alarm is over.

The Department is workig on the future tourism acceleration with the collection of data, information about the tourism promotion trends and new startups to make appropriate decisions and redirect the marketing plan to the new circumstances taking into account the new vision of tourism, thus contributing to achieving the objectives of sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

Through free personalized consultancy sessions, offered by Andalucía Lab, new lines of work are being established based on stimulating digital and technological skills.

In this way, our tourism, one of the sectors most affected by the situation of the pandemic, is preparing to reduce as much as possible, the negative effects of the new scenario that is presented to us.

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