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The Town Hall of Rincon de la Victoria has informed about the awarding of the concession of the Cueva de la Victoria which will allow the opening to the public of this cave, considered one of the most important in the south of the Iberian Peninsula.
In this way, the objective of making the cave of great scientific and patrimonial interest open to visitors is achieved, with the aim of promoting, reinforcing and strengthening one of the main jewels of the municipality, together with the Cueva del Tesoro.
Very soon residents and visitors will be able to live a cultural experience in addition to the tourist offer of the municipality, guided tours in a Neolithic burial cave located in the Archaeological Park, a privileged environment.
The archaeologist and manager of the active cultural tourism company Ardalestur, Maria del Mar Espejo Herrerias, will be in charge of managing the guided tours of the Cueva de la Victoria, which is “one of the most important caves in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, in terms of its prehistoric artistic content and its archaeological potential, that covers the entire sequence of life during Palaeolithic and Neolithic”, said Espejo, who explained that this cave is also one of the few European cave areas that preserves a double collection of prehistoric art: the oldest, made more than thirty-five thousand years ago during the archaic Upper Palaeolithic and the second, more recent, linked to the use of the cave as a large collective cemetery during the Neolithic, more than six and a half thousand years ago.
The contractor will be responsible for the opening of the site through guided tours, taking into account COVID-19 measures and restrictions. The main activity will be the tour of the interior of the cavity. Through our website you will be able to book dates and times availables, as well as receive a voucher for your purchase along with information about the visit.
In addition, a guide for visitors to the Cuevas del Cantal will be published to situate the heritage of these caves within the context of European and Mediterranean prehistory.
The entrance fee for an individual visit to the Cueva de la Victoria and La Cueva del Tesoro will be 15 euros. There will be reduced prices for groups and children’s visits.
Once the contract is signed, the contractor will have a maximum period of three months to put the guided tours into operation. The contract has a duration of five years plus two possible annual extensions.
The fee will be the result of applying 7 per cent to the amount of tickets sold in each year, according to the minimum required in the specifications.

Until the long-awaited moment arrives, you can continue to visit the Cueva de la Victoria virtually.

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