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The municipality of Rincón de la Victoria will have its first Historical Heritage Master Plan. Anambitious document, unique in the province, which will define both a diagnosis and the needs for the conservation and adequate diffusion of the Historical Heritage of Rincón de la Victoria.

The plan is base don previous studies carriedout by a multidisciplinary team and has the will to coordinate the different phases of the interventiononit. These phases are ordered chronologically and quantifiede conomically, as far as possible, to constitute a useful working tool. In this way, weobtain a roadmap and a global vision of the actions that must be carrie doutto enhance our heritage.


Phases of the process of elaboration of the Plan:


STAGE 1. August – September 2020:


– Compilation of previous information and background.


– Collection of data of the elements to be studied.


– Carrying out of survey samong citizens and assotiations.


– At the end of this stage, a preliminary analysis-diagnosis will be proposed.


STAGE 2. October – November 2020:


– Elaboration of individualized cards by elements.


– Drafting of the information and diagnosis phases of the Master Plan.


– At theend of this stage a preview of conclusions will be proposed.


STAGE 3. December 2020 – January 2021:


– Drafting of the executive phase, programming and expenditure/timeframe.


– At the end of this stage, the complete document of the Master Plan will be presented.


Citizens will beable to participate in this process by filling out the online questionnaire (https://bit.ly/30spGfa) and making suggestions by e-mail to participacion@rincondelavictoria.es until 30 September 2020.

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