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Benagalbón becomes universal being the capital of the verdiales every September of the year. The Traditional Contest of Verdiales fills the streets of the small axarquía locality of Rincón de la Victoria with lovers of this tradition. Also, this year you are the lucky ones because the appointment reaches a quarter of a century since this one is the XXV edition. It will take place on September Saturday 15th from 6.00PM and it arrives full of news.

The Traditional Contest of Verdiales is considered Fiesta de Singularidad Provincial and Festival of Tourist Interest of Andalusia because the small nucleus of Benagalbón overflows with visitors in this cultural encounter of verdiales al Estilo Montes. There are no scenarios for this event per se, so the street is the stage where the spectators are side by side with the artists. It is expected between 6,000 and 7,000 people in this event that lasts until early morning.

In the contest, on Saturday 15th at 6:00PM, nine groups will participate under the Montes de Málaga modality, although there will also be other invited groups from Comares and Almogía. This year, pandas de los Montes that will participate are: 1ª Benagalbón, Montes Guadalmedina, Jotron y Lomillas, 1ª de los Montes, Bataná, Moclinejo, 1ª del Puerto de la Torre, Santón Pitar and Isabel Portillo. The 1st of Comares, Arroyo Conca and Almogía will also participate. The guest performance will be Ronda de Motilleja (Albacete).

In this edition, it will be awarded the highest prize in the history of the contest: 1,050€. This prize will be awarded to the group who wins best party. At the same time, and for the second year, special interest will be placed on the prize for the copla levantá, in which the jury proposes a word, so the music group have to compose a song with that word.

A unique exhibition

This year, on the 25th anniversary of the celebration of the contest, a unique exhibition will be inaugurated with the 25 posters that have accompanied this event. The exhibition will be open on September Friday 7th at Casa Fuerte Bezmiliana from 8:00PM where it will remain the entire month of September. An hour later, at 9:00PM, the proclamation of the Traditional Contest of Verdiales of Benagalbón will take place, which this year will be given by the engineer from Málaga and an academic from the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Telmo, Salvador Moreno Peralta.

Of course, in this exhibition will be the poster of 2018, a work by the artist Francisco Aguilar, which was presented at the ceremony held on Tuesday at the Provincial Council. At this act, Francisco Aguilar was presented along with the president of the Peña El Revezo, Francisco Fernández, the mayor of Rincón de la Victoria, Francisco Salado, and the councillor of Tourism and Culture, Antonio José Martín.

Here you can see the poster of this year:

Here you can enjoy a summary of the event in the last edition in 2017:

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