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The “Alegría de Verte” promotional campaign promotes Rincón de la Victoria as a model of a friendly city, marked by the hospitality of its residents, accessibility to services and large open spaces for enjoyment.

It will last three months and it will be present in different media such as provincial, regional and national written press, social networks, display advertisements all over the Costa del Sol and Granada, radio spots, etc. The aim is to reach a national, Andalusian, provincial and second residence tourism in order to promote long breaks, weekends and holidays.

The idea is to advertise the municipality with a message that transmits feelings, that is positive and at the same time, that reaches the heart and creates emotional ties to strengthen the customer´s loyalty of tourism in Rincón de la Victoria.

With this campaign it is clear that visitors are expected with open arms being Rincón de la Victoria a friendly town with a desire to offer the best of the best, including a unique cuisine.

The starring role of the graphic campaign is played by ordinary people who, with their smiles and friendliness, invite visitors to return to Rincón de la Victoria.

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