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The Cueva del Tesoro (Treasure Cave) in Rincon de la Victoria will be the setting for the first ‘Routes of Mystery’ which will begin next Friday the 23rd of July and will take place fortnightly until the end of the year.
This is a pioneering initiative which will be run by José Manuel Frías, investigative journalist for more than twenty-five years, with twenty books and papers published and collaborator of the television programme ‘Cuarto Milenio’, who will be in charge of this new experience about legends and paranormal phenomena in the most mysterious cave in Andalusia.
It is a great opportunity to discover the myths and legends surrounding La Cueva del Tesoro in a totally different experience to the usual visit. In addition, the initiative is part of a series of actions that are being developed to raise awareness of the only cave of marine origin that can be visited in Europe.
The activity will consist of a tour of the grotto to learn about the extraordinary stories that have taken place inside it, from the apparitions of the ghost of Antonio de la Nari to the secrets of the Goddess Noctiluca, as well as legends of hidden treasures and the footprints of giants.
The visit, aimed at people over the age of 18, lasts approximately one hour and will begin with a presentation and an introduction at the top of the cave, before going into the cave and stopping in each of its rooms (Marcus Crassus, Eagle, Noctiluca, Volcano, Lakes).
The tour will be accompanied by visual material in pdf format that each visitor will be able to download to their mobile phone, as well as radio guides and headphones to allow better hearing and to keep the mandatory sanitary standards.
Bookings will be opened every Monday during the week of the visits by email: cuevadeltesororeservas@rincondelavictoria.es. It will be necessary to include full name and contact telephone number for two tickets by email. The same day of the visit, the entrance fee will be paid at the cave facilities.
The visits will take place fortnightly until the end of the year in groups of 26 people, on Fridays at 19:00. The entrance fee will be the usual price for adults, 4´65 euros.
The municipal budget for the development of the initiative until the end of the year is 3,061.30 euros.

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