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More than 7,300 people have visited the Cueva del Tesoro in Rincón de la Victoria in just over
two months since the cave reopened after confinement because the pandemic.
The opening of the Cueva del Tesoro on Junethe 6th was carried out with a new reduced
capacity of visitors per day and hour. Only 25 people can enter each hour to the cave for the
visit at the same time, with a maximum of 200 people per day.
The Cueva del Tesoro has the necessary security measures for the correct daily functioning of
the cave: hydroalcoholic gels, disinfectant mats, and thermographic cameras at the entrance
to measure the body temperature.
The implementation of online ticket sales through our website www.turismoenrincon.es has
helped a lot to maintain these good attendance figures at the Cueva del Tesoro.
It should be mentioned that Rincón de la Victoria is maintaining a high level of hotel occupancy
in these summer months with almost 60% in the hotels of our municipality. The profile of
visitors in our municipality is that of a national tourist or second residence. This has
maintained good figures in terms of economic impact in hotels, restaurants and shops.

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