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Rincón de la Victoria is once again the focal point of the Spanish song with the VII Copla Contest In memoriam Marifé de Triana. It takes place at Peña Flamenca El Piyayo on May 17th, 24th and 31st.

The contest will offer 2,500€ distributed in prizes money and trophies to the winners. There  will also held a great final gala during the Rincón de la Victoria’s Fair in the month of July. The preliminaries will take place on May 17th, 24th and 31st starting at 10:00PM at Peña Flamenca El Piyayo’s location. The winner of this VII edition will be able to record a demo tape of four tracks in Javier Tapia’s studio.

This year’s contest will have a participation of 27 artists, aged 16 to 70, who will come from Málaga and other provinces of Andalusia such as Córdoba, Sevilla and Jaén.

The preliminary galas will be held on May 17th, 24th and 31st from 10:00PM at Peña Flamenca El Piyayo’s location with the presence of both audience and jury of the contest. Four subjects will be indicated to each participant who will perform only two of them, not being able to repeat song neither in the semifinal nor in the final.

The winner will receive 1,000€ in prize money and a trophy, while the rest of the winners will receive 700€, 500€, and 150€ for the second, third, fourth and fifth place respectively, in addition to a trophy.

In addition, Peña Flamenca will once again award the Piyayo Prize to the best copla of contemporary creation, which will award 150€ in prize money for the best written and composed musical work. This prize is being awarded since 1990.

Last year’s edition, this award was given to Javier Tapia and Paco Acosta for his song ‘El corazón de la copla’. The winner of the VI Copla Contest of Rincón de la Victoria was Lola Vega, protagonist of this edition’s banner/poster.

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