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Carnival lovers have an appointment on Saturday 17th February in Rincón de la Victoria. The magic of Teatro Cervantes y del Falla will move to the Plaza Al-Andalus of the municipality of Málaga with a festive day where the best groups from Málaga will participate along with ‘El Perro Andaluz’, the famous and awarded Martínez Ares music troupe from Cádiz.

Rincón de la Victoria Carnival Group Contest will start from 15:00pm on Saturday 17th, along with the participation of the winners of Málaga Carnival Singing Contest (COAC). Specifically, la murga ‘Viktoria Secret’, first prize COAC Málaga 2018; ‘La Murga del Maestro’, third prize COAC Málaga 2018; ‘La Travesía’ troupe, first prize COAC Málaga 2018, and ‘Los Vivelavida’ troupe, fourth prize COAC Málaga 2018.

The climax will get with the finalist in Cádiz, ‘El Perro Andaluz’ by Martínez Ares. Although the party will start at midday with a special programme for the little ones. From 12.00pm, there will be a children’s party that will feature bouncy castles, popular games and a costume contest for children and adults. Plus, at 14:30pm, the traditional Berza de Carnaval (carnival cabbage) will be held with free tastings for all attendees and visitors.

More Carnival in La Cala del Moral

The carnival party will continue on Sunday 18th in La Cala del Moral, which will hold a party at Plaza de la Laguna and will feature parades, musical performances, a costume contest and the performance of la murga de ‘Rogelio el Bohemio’.

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