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Rincón de la Victoria is the city of laughter and comedy once again with the XVI Comedy Festival edition. This year 2019, the festival will take place from July 18th to 21st at CEIP Manuel Laza Palacio. All plays will be performed from 10:00PM and the price of admission is 5 €.

The Comedy Festival program presents three comedies from Málaga that has achieved great success during its journey through different theaters in the capital and the rest of Spain. As a new feature this year, the festival will have a prelude performed by Pereza Escenika company, Bosco Vida and Jamp Palo, along with the Municipal School of Drama. This prelude contains two pieces of microtheatre (short plays) and a monologue. This will take place on Thursday July 18th at Local Oeste in Plaza de la Constitución with free admission and limited capacity.

‘Ponte en mi lugar’ by Nearco Producciones starring Marcelo Casas, Silvia Rey, Jose Luís Carrillo and Zaloa Zamarreño, will be the main play of the Friday night. After three years of great success in Paris and his stop in Madrid, this wonderful play arrives in Rincón de la Victoria to tell the story of Alberto and Silvia, a marriage that will experience an exchange of bodies all of a sudden. This fact will allow them to put themselves in the other person’s shoes.

The actor from Rincón de la Victoria and also preacher of 2019 Fair, Álvaro Carrero, will perform alongside Virginia Muñoz, Mara Guil and Ignacio Nacho, also an artist from Rincón, in the play ‘En ocasiones veo a Umberto’ on Saturday. The plot revolves around two women who are friends, Pili and Amparo, a dead person and a betting game.

The Festival’s closure will be performed by Marila Films company with the play, ‘Mi hijo es un  imbécil’, starring Carmen Baquero, Miguel Guardiola, Angel Pardo and Ignacio Nacho on Sunday July 21st. This play tells the story of Elena and Mario, a couple with problems as she wants to be a mother and he does not. Therefore, she leans on her friend Pedro, asking him for help, advice and a solution to her problem.

All performances will take place at CEIP Manuel Laza Palacio starting at 10:00PM, with a daily capacity of around 500 locations. The accesses will be opened 15 minutes before the representations.

Tickets for the XVI Comedy Festival can be purchased at Área de Cultura of ​​the Town Hall (old Rincón Railway Station; Avenida del Mediterráneo, 140. Next to the Tourism Office) of Rincón de la Victoria. You can also get tickets at the box office of Manuel Laza Palacio school one hour before the show for a price of 5 €, with the possibility of acquiring tickets for all functions.

All the cultural, leisure, sports and tourism information can be followed at www.turismoenrincon.es

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