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Rincón de la Victoria’s beaches will host this Saturday, May 11th, the I Kenguru Tournament with the participation of 80 athletes from different parts of Spain. The competition will be held at the Street Workout park in the mouth of the Granadillas river.

The sporting event will bring together athletes from Ávila, Mallorca, Toledo, Sevilla, Cádiz, Madrid, Granada and Málaga. The tournament shall also include four professional judges from the province; Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Mallorca.

The Kenguru tournament is based on freestyle and resistance disciplines divided according to male and female, and amateur and pro categories.

On the one hand, the amateur and pro freestyle discipline will consist of a series of one-on-one battles where each participant will have a minute and a half to perform dynamic and static exercises. On the other hand, the resistance discipline will be one-on-one battles where each participant must overcome a series of basic exercises such as pull-ups and chin-ups, calisthenics, bending and squats.

The event will take place in the Street Workout park located at the mouth of the Granadillas river starting at 10:00AM. The first part of the event will be both amateur and pro freestyle qualifiers, lasting throughout the day with round of 16, quarterfinals and semi-finals of each of the categories until finishing with the freestyle Pro final at 9:00PM.

Participants must be present one hour before the start of the event to confirm their registration in the tournament.

The Street Workout park is located on El Tajo beach and this location consists of a double pull-up formed by two bars of 1.80 meters in width where you can perform dynamic exercises; triple parallels for strengthening exercises; wall bars to perform abdominals, as well as another structure to train the flexibility of the shoulders.

In this park you can also find elements such as the Snake, bar for basic exercises, wooden bench, and square bars consisting of four bars used to jump from one to another in different ways where dynamic exercises can be trained.

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