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Rincon de la Victoria continues to be a reference point in the celebration of sporting events. A few days ago, the qualification of Rincón Fertilidad for the EHFE European Cup was celebrated, and this weekend the Sectorial Phase of the Spanish Championship will take place.

The CD Málaga 91 was proclaimed last weekend Champion of Andalusia in Indoor Hockey in the Men’s First Division category. This triumph allows them to organize and play this new phase which will be held in our municipality and which is a qualifier for the final phase of the Spanish Championship. The matches will be played without any audience on Saturday the 23rd of January, in the afternoon and on Sunday the 24th, in the morning.

The competition will take place in a one round league format and the first qualified player will play the Spanish Championship to be held from the 5th to the 7th of February in Orense.

The senior team of CD Málaga 91 already has players trained at the CDH La Candelaria and Escuela Municipal del Rincón schools, some of them still in the youth category but with a level of play worthy of participating in the top category.




Saturday 23rd


4 p.m. CD.Málaga91-CD.Sadus


5 p.m. Atco.Coruña-Agonek


7 p.m. Agonek-CD.Sadus


8 p.m. Atco. Coruña-CD.Málaga91


Sunday 24th


11.00 a.m. CD. Sadus-Atco.Coruña


12:00 noon. CD.Málaga91-Agonek

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