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One more year, Rincón de la Victoria will be the center of the best lyric voices with Festival de Zarzuela on August 23rd and 24th at the CEIP Manuel Laza Palacio. This school will host ‘La Dolorosa’, ‘Los Claveles’ and ‘Gran Vía’ operettas performed by Teatro Lírico Andaluz with an amazing production; about 60 people per show.

The municipality of Rincón de la Victoria will host more than 60 artists on stage with a huge display and staging formed by performers, orchestra, choir, production, costume design and lights. We will have the participation of popular artists, both national and international, such as the actor Miguel Guardiola; the musical director José Manuel Padilla; and the artists Lourdes Martín and Amelia Font, along with the Málaga theater company cast.

The shows La Dolorosa,Los Claveles and Gran Vía stand out as three recognized scenic productions of the classical repertoire of Spanish lyric theater characterizing by their fun and comedy. Plus, two of the great masters of the composition in zarzuela are the directors of these plays, José Serrano and Federico Chueca. The approximate duration per show is approximately one hour and a half.

Both musical shows will begin after 10:00PM with a capacity of about 400 locations.

Tickets can be purchased in advance sale for 15€ at Carrefour Travel Office (Avenida del Mediterráneo, 43), or at the box office for 18€. For more information, contact the following telephone number: 952 40 84 69.

Teatro Lírico Andaluz is the first professional lyric company in Andalusia that offers up to 30 national and international zarzuela titles in countries such as Germany, and cities like Rome and Dubai.

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