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The Department of Tourism of the City of Rincon de la Victoria today announced a promotional action on the travel web The aim is to attract national tourism after the pandemic caused by the COVID-19.

The actions will be carried out using IAB Display formats and native comercials will appear in a hyper-segmented way in the pages of the destination Rincón de la Victoria in, as well as in all landings of related and nearby destinations, as well as others visited by users and related to the destination based on the Big Data of minube.

The exclusive newsletter of the destination Rincón de la Victoria will be launched during the campaign period, thus impacting the community of minube travelers by this route during two months.

Rincón de la Victoria offers proximity in terms of hospitality, both to its neighbors and the municipality itself, accessible to its services, and also surrounded by open spaces: a complete model of friendly city.

In addition, during the month of August the promotional campaign ‘Alegría de Verte’ was reinforced at national level in RRSS with the publication of videos and images of the municipality. The idea is to continue strengthening the tourists loyalty.

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