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Poetry and Rincón de la Victoria have been linked for decades. The municipality of Málaga has distinguished neighbors such as Manuel Alcántara. This town has also enjoyed famous visitors, such as Gloria Fuertes, who shared numerous moments with Alcántara and other poets, and also dedicated many lines to what she considered her home. That is why, prizes such as Poesía in memoriam Salvador Rueda is so firmly important and has reached the XXVI edition in 2018.

The municipality of Rincón de la Victoria in Málaga grants a 3,000 euros prize to the winning work from all those presented in this Poetry Prize in memoriam Salvador Rueda. The deadline for admission of originals ends on July 31st 2018 and the final decision will be made public during the month of September. In addition to the economic prize, the winner will have his poetry published and will receive a sculpture by the artist Jaime Pimentel.

Manuel Reina, from Cádiz, was the winner of the XXV Poetry Prize in memorian Salvador Rueda with the title ‘Sólo tu nombre es mi enemigo’. In this past edition, they were able to present up to 45 works from different countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Spain or the United Kingdom.


The originals or unpublished works presented will consist of a poetry book. The topic will be free and it has to be composed by a minimum length of 500 verses and a maximum of 1.000. The poetry books must be typed in two spaces, DIN A4 with the information of the total number of verses at the end.

Original and five copies will be sent, enclosing a sealed envelope with the author’s data (escrow). Also, The title of the prize must be included on the outside of the envelope. Poets of any nationality can apply to this award. The winning book will be published in a non-commercial edition and its property will be assigned to Rincón de la Victoria’s City Council.

Here, we leave the complete bases:


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