Carnival: Carnival traditions are gaining followers in Rincón de la Victoria. The party is full of costumes, gastronomy, children’s activities and, of course, music. The best groups of Málaga and Cádiz delight the carnival lovers.


Cultural Week of Benagalbón: With almost 40 years of tradition, it is a meeting point for artists from all over Spain thanks to the outdoor painting Competition.

White Night (Noche en blanco): A night dedicated to culture in general with musical or scenic performances throughout the town.


Tapa Festival: The official welcome to the summer where to taste the best tapas of the town at the seaside.

San Juan: Along the coastline, the bonfires are lit being the meeting point to celebrate this famous party in our country. This festival takes place at the three coast areas: Torre de Benagalbón, Rincón de la Victoria and Cala del Moral.


Fair of La Cala del Moral: Traditional festival held at La Cala del Moral which is also celebrated on the 16th with the departure of the Virgen del Carmen.

Rincón de la Victoria Fair:It is the main fair of the townwhich coincides with the festivity of the Virgen del Carmen. As the rest of the festivals, the traditional is mixed with the modernity in terms of culture, leisure and gastronomy.

Festivity of the Virgen del Carmen: It is not an exaggeration to say that Rincón takes the streets to support the Virgen del Carmen by land and sea. The entrance of the Virgin to the water accompanied by sailors is the most beautiful moment of the festivity. It is celebrated in two areas: Rincón de la Victoria and Cala del Moral.

Comedy Festival: This event, with more than 10 years of history, allows us to see theatre plays for all audiences and generations. The plays are represented outdoors and the entrance is for free.


Feria de Torre de Benagalbón: The last of the festivities of the town. It is celebrated by the seaside at the old railway station.

Festival de Flamenco Puerta de la Axarquía: A “must see” for flamenco lovers. It takes place in the traditional Peña El Piyayo. It is a quarter century festival with a huge influence in the province of Málaga.

Festival de Títeres (Puppet festival): A perfect opportunity to reach the little ones. Plays are represented in the four areas of the Rincón. Children are the clear protagonists for this festival.

Festival de Zarzuela: This lyrical festival has settled in this town for ten years now.

Music Festival Cueva del Tesoro: For both music lovers and those who want to enjoy an amazing landscape, this event is essential. The Cueva del Tesoro is the perfect background for this festival.


Concurso Tradicional de Verdiales:The area of Benagalbón overflows with visitors in this cultural meeting of “verdiales pandas de Estilo Montes”. You should not miss the opportunity to live one of its editions from within,whether you like this tradition or not. The street is the stage and the audienceare side by side with the artists.

Semana del Boquerón Victoriano: The anchovy (Boquerón) is the protagonist these days with the wide range gastronomy that this fish can offer.

Note: There are more cultural and leisure events in Rincón de la Victoria. In this section, we highlight the main ones. You can find them all in the events calendar. Every week there is a plan that you can join.