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With the moon of August; the compass, beat and cante blend into the Flamenco Festival ‘Puerta de la Axarquía’. This festival reaches its XXVII edition this year 2018. The CEIP Manuel Laza Palacios will be the venue chosen for the show of next Saturday 4th August starting at 10:00PM.

The audience can enjoy four hours of show where it will be performed bulerías, alegrías, fandangos, soleá, etc. This festival welcomes renowned artists such as Luis Moneo and Macarena de Jerez  (from Jerez), Guadiana (from Extremadura) and Pedro Carmona (from Granada). It will also feature figures such as Diego del Morao and Carlos de Jacoba. But also figures of the compass such as Antonio Heredia, Juan Liker, Manuel Vinaza and José Peña.

The XXVII edition of this Flamenco Festival ‘Puerta de la Axarquía’ will be dedicated to the memory of singer Antonio de Canillas and the price of the tickets will be 12€. Ticket sales will be enabled from an hour before the start of the festival, at 09:00PM. The maximum capacity will be 500 seats.

The festival, organized by Peña Flamenca El Piyayo, will start at 10:00PM and will last around four hours.

How to get to CEIP Manuel Laza Palacios.

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