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On the evening of Tuesday 18 May, Rincon de la Victoria celebrated a new edition of the Gala del Boqueron Victoriano at the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) where the second ‘Boqueron de Plata’ award was presented to the film director, Salvador Calvo, who has been linked to the municipality since his childhood and youth.

The event was attended by the Mayor of Rincon de la Victoria, Francisco Salado (PP), the delegate for Tourism of the Andalusian Regional Government, Nuria Rodríguez, the Councillor for Tourism of Rincon de la Victoria, Antonio José Martín (PP), members of parliament, mayors, councillors from the rest of the province, hoteliers from Madrid, restaurant owners and the national press specialized in gastronomy.

Salado was in charge of recognising the work of Salvador Calvo who, after testing positive for the coronavirus, was unable to attend the ceremony. “As mayor of Rincon de la Victoria, I am proud that he has accepted this award. He could tell a thousand and one anecdotes of his years in our viallge, I am not wrong if I say that he spent some of his best years in our town. Salvador Calvo is just another Rinconero and, as such, today his town is rewarding him”.

And he is being rewarded, said Salado, “with a work by the renowned artist from Rincon, Chico Repullo, who wanted to donate this piece to the Boqueron Victoriano initiative. Thank you”.

Salvador Calvo, who greeted those present by videoconference, expressed hisgratitude for this recognition of Rincon de la Victoria, “a place to which I have been linked since my childhood and where I have many memories, and which has also inspired me throughout my career”. The award was collected by the award winner’s brother, Rafael Calvo.

For his part, the Councillor for Tourism, stressed the importance of “spreading the gastronomic possibilities of the anchovy and publicising its festival and our town as a tourist attraction, as it is the only gastronomic event in the province that brings together a part of high gastronomy and a popular festival”.


During the event, held at The Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid, the third edition of the gastronomic recipe `De Rincón, El Boquerón. Usos Gastronómicos del Boquerón Victoriano´, which is the result of the culinary work carried out by local chefs and emerging chefs from Malaga city around the silver fish (also called ‘anchovy’).

“This recipe book has become an icon in Malaga’s gastronomic bibliography and is linked to the Red de Restaurantes del Boqueron Victoriano, which was created in 2018 as an initiative to give visibility to the festival and to the chefs who are committed to the gastronomic possibilities of the anchovy in their restaurants,” said the mayor.

For his part, Martín said that “the aim is to show the many gastronomic possibilities of anchovies. Our oily fish is tasty, versatile and can be a reference raw material not only in traditional cuisine but also in any haute cuisine dish”.

¡The presentation of the recipe book was attended by a wide representation from the professional world of gastronomy: Ana Rojo, from Periodista Digital (gastro section), Alberto Granados, from Planeta en Conserva, Francisco Becerro, from Futuro Bloguero, Carmela Auñón, from Hitcooking, Nacho Sandoval, from nachosandoval.com and Saboreando la vida, among others.

In addition, all the guests were able to enjoy the cuisine of the chef, Jose Luque, with tastings whose main protagonist was the Victorian anchovy, prepared in different ways and seeking its heterogeneity in the textures, nuances and possibilities of this product.

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