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The boquerón (anchovy) will be the star in Rincón de la Victoria at the Fiesta del Boquerón Victoriano celebrated this year 2018 from September 19th to 23rd, in the municipality of La Axarquía, Málaga. During these days, gastronomy rules and this traditional product from Rincón is the connecting link between live cooking shows, music concerts, children’s parties and, of course, free tastings of the different ways of cooking anchovies.

Fiesta del Boquerón Victoriano in Rincón de la Victoria has been declared as a Festival of Provincial Tourist Interest for many years. The boquerón is the beginning and end of these summer days by the sea, where the rich variety of presentations of this delicious fish will be tested.

With an amazing activities program scheduled for these days, professionals will be the start point presenting live cooking shows. Also, the famous cooking show on Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th and Friday 21st are scheduled with the presence of chefs from AMUCO and chefs from Euro-Toques. The finishing touch will be carried by the chef Diego René with three days of live cooking. This chef, from the Lacaliza restaurant in Rincón de la Victoria, will propose a hometown cooking show called Del Rincón, el boquerón. On Friday, there will also be the inaugural lecture carried by the Michelin-starred chef Diego Gallegos, owner of Sollo.

Free tastings

For the weekend September 22nd and 23rd, the party moves to the beach of Rincón de la Victoria, in the area of ​​the Tourist Office (How to get there). From noon, there will be free tastings, live music and children’s parties for the little ones. More than a thousand kilograms of anchovies are predicted to be shared and consumed by the attendees.

Both Saturday and Sunday from 01:00PM, there will be free tasting of fried anchovies and anchovies in vinegar. At noon, Encarni Navarro (Saturday) and Los Electroduendes (Sunday) will perform music live. At night, Sótano Sur and Free Soul Band will be in charge of making the audience dance around.

For the little ones, La Seño de los Cuentos (Saturday) and Peneque El Valiente (Sunday) will put the magic in this culinary weekend.

Special dishes from 14th to 23rd

The Restaurant Network of Boquerón Victoriano is the absolute novelty of this edition of Fiesta del Boquerón Victoriano. Its main goal is to boost the consumption of anchovy, to encourage their gastronomic uses, to disclose the benefits of this product. The boquerón is the great protagonist of Rincón de la Victoria and coast of Málaga gastronomy, and this party is the best setting where its properties and benefits can be enhanced.

From 14th to 23rd September, you can taste up to 25 dishes where the anchovy will be the star product. There will be 25 specialties, distributed among the attended restaurants, where the anchovy will be made with traditional recipes or international proposals. Here you can see all the restaurants that join in the Restaurant Network of Boquerón Victoriano: RESTAURANTS NETWORK.

We leave you the program of the Fiesta del Boquerón Victoriano in Rincón de la Victoria:
Programa Fiesta del Boquerón Victoriano 2018

Here you can see the poster for the Fiesta del Boquerón Victoriano in Rincón de la Victoria:

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