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The Victorian Anchovy Restaurant Network has been set up with the participation of 30 restaurants in Rincón de la Victoria and Malaga city, and will be active from the 14th to 27th Sof eptember to support the promotion of the festival and encourage the consumption of anchovies. It is worth noting the great variety of dishes and the creativity of the chefs in this regard.

Another novelty in this year’s edition is the transfer of the popular weekend festival to the local restaurants. On the 25th, 26th and 27th of September, the Rincón de la Victoria restaurants participating in the network will offer their customers free tasting of fried and pickled anchovies when they order a drink.

Likewise, the event has all the necessary safety protocols and measures endorsed by an independent external consultant so that the activities are carried out with all the health guarantees in each space.

Participating restaurants and recipes

Rincón de la Victoria

CASA ANTONIO Toast of hand-kneaded cateto bread, salmorejo, smoked anchovy, black olive and egg spheres.

EL PORTÓN Boquerón Stuffed with prawns and seasoned cabbage.

LECHE Y MIEL Marinated anchovies with piquillo peppers mayonnaise and fried anchovies on the menu of the day.

LICEO PLAYA Anchovy-gurguer with ginger and sesame, mango sour sauce and smoked and chopped chipotle with fresh herbs.

LACALIZA Anchovy -gurguer coca in vinegar over our tapenade, cheese and tomato topping.

MARINA PLAYA Millefeuille of anchovies with figs.

RINCÓN KNAYA Marinated anchovy with citrus fruits from the Orient.

EL CASTILLO Anchovy ceviche.

LAS CONCHAS Pipirrana salad with anchovies.

LA MAR DE BUENO Fried aubergine with salmorejo and anchovy in vinegar.

LA MAR SALÁ Fried anchovies (250 g cartridge).

AÑORETA GOLF Thai anchovy pancake with lime mayonnaise and tobiko roe.

LO DE VITO Cover of anchovies on mushroom filled with cream of anchovies and ricotta.

D’LUNA Fried anchovies with lemon.

LA TRASTIENDA Boquerones in tempura with basil mayonnaise.


LOS PATIOS DE BEATAS Anchovy croquettes with ajoblanco and passion fruit emulsion.

CÁVEA Socarrat cannelloni with Victorian anchovy and avocado.

ARABOKA Stuffed anchovy with spinach and stuffed Iberian presa meat.

ALMIJARA Victorian boquerón tartar accompanied by gazpachuelo malaguita.

LÍGULA Trinxat of Victorian anchovy.

NIÑA BONITA Toast of anchovy with lemon and ceviche dressing.

KGB Tomato shot filled with Bloody Mary with anchovies dressed in vinegar and lime.

ALEXSO Victorian Garden.

EL MENTIDERO Avocado cannelloni with anchovies in vinegar and mango porra.

MATIZ Victorian anchovies in red butter with Malaga toppings.

LA TABERNA DE MONROY Victorian anchovy in arbequina egg yolk with a touch of lime and cashew nuts on “bull’ testicle” tomatoes carpaccio.

MERCADO SANMARTÍN Rompeboquerones with banana chips and red onion.

KRAKEN Rice with anchovies.

BELUGA Rice with anchovies.

CASA JUAN HUELIN Fried boquerones, boquerones in vinegar and opened boquerones with lemon.

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