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2019 Cultural Week of Benagalbón celebrates its 40th edition at Rincón de la Victoria from April 26th to May 5th with a large schedule of activities aimed at all ages and cultural tastes.

Up to 30 activities of music, theater, infant activities, sports, painting, reading, and movies will be available to all for free. Also, all activities will be spread throughout the streets and emblematic Benagalbón points.

Culture and party go together with events as diverse as the XVII Painting Competition of Young Art Outdoors «Paco Alonso», one of the most important events of the Cultural Week of Benagalbón. Also, you can enjoy the pilgrimage (romería), the popular verbena or the Short Film Contest “Cortoben” that reaches its 6th edition.

Young Performers Concert, which is now in its 15th edition, is another unavoidable event for those who come to Benagalbón these days.

During these 10 days of culture and events; neighbors, visitors and tourists can enjoy the best cinema, outdoor painting, storytelling, concerts, parades, children’s workshops, cycling, sports events, plays…

You have all the activities of Benagalbón Cultural Week of 2019 in the following poster. Here, you can find the complete schedule from April 26th to May 5th.


All the cultural, leisure, tourism, sports and gastronomy information is available on the web: www.turismoenrincon.es

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